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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  April 28, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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úthe united states could be headed for major conflict with north korea. this morning that country's leader is responding. >> and a local principal feeling the heat after she tells her teachers to let off a little steam. how? by taking a baseball bat and breaking furniture. it's called a smash space and it's getting mixed reaction. ahead in a live report. >> plus today is the day we have been waiting to see if metro workers will stage a mass sickout. now, this following a tense protest in front of management. will your morning commute be impacted? >> ♪ >> good friday morning. i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. thanks for joining us this morning. it's 7 o'clock, it's friday april 28th. >> if you're just waking up this morning going to be a warm one out there. can you see the humidity in the air already? that's a live look outside. >> let's get a quick check on weather and traffic this morning. tucker and erin are standing by. tuck we can start with you. you can almost see the humidity. >> you'll feel it later today. warm and humid day for our friday an hot weekend. i'll have the details on the weather coming. erin how are the roads.
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tucker 95 southbound from dumfries to quantico because of a crash just beyond that point blocking two lanes. problems continue in laurel this morning, were un97 remains shut down between bw parkway and powder mill road. bw parkway completely jammed. we'll help you steer clear of those issues. allison and steve. >> breaking overnight in england police arrested six people during anti raids near london. one woman is shot but is serious but stable condition. she has not been arrested in connection of the raid. sky news posted photos of the raid to the web site. officials say among those arrested a 16-year-old boy. police say all of the suspects are being held on "suspicion of preparation of terror acts." the united states could be headed to "major conflict with north korea." that is the assessment of president trump. >> the commander in chief
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is live on capitol hill. good morning. >> reporter: allison and steve good morning. we know of course members of congress have been briefed on the north korea threat but it's president trump's blunt language that's getting so much attention this morning. new video this morning out of north korea. a military drills and rhetoric heating up. what is dictator kim jong un planning and what will president trump do about it? in a radio interview with reuters news agency the president did not mince words. >> there's a chance that we could end up having a major, major conflict with north korea. absolutely. >> reporter: it's no secret that north korea has been scrambling to develop both nuclear weapons and long range missiles. >> and when those two come together then certainly parts of our country are at risk. >> reporter: homeland security secretary john kelly spoke of the danger while secretary of state rex tillerson tells fox
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china has agreed to lean on north korea. >> and in fact we were told by the chinese that they informed the regime that if they did conduct further nuclear tests china would be taking sanctions on their own. >> reporter: but beyond that the white house does have public support for its aggressive stance. the new fox news poll shows that a majority of, 53 percent of registered voters favor military action to stop north korea's nuclear weapons program. back at home meantime the president's legislative agenda has stalled somewhat on capitol hill. a vote on healthcare reform that the white house was hoping for this week has been pushed back. but a temporary spending bill to avoid a possible government shutdown on saturday is moving forward. and that would be good news for president trump but if that happens, we'll see what set the day but that shutdown would have coincided with the president's 100th day in office. steve and ais
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hill this morning. doug, thank you. president trump's pick for secretary of labor has been confirmed. completing the president's cabinet. this will make alex acosta the first latino member of the trump administration. acosta was assistant attorney general under president george w. bush who later appointed him u.s. attorney for the southern district of florida. >> developing in delaware this morning, police now have that identified the man who killed a state trooper at a convenience store. that man then engaged in a 20 hour standoff with police at this home several miles from the shooting scene. police say 26-year-old burgon seally jr. killed corporal stephen ballard who was investigating a suspicious vehicle at the time. seally later shot and killed by police during that standoff. it's unclear if corporal ballard was targeted because he was wearing a police uniform at the time. the 32-year-old originally from prince george's county leaves behind a wife and five-year-old stepdaughter. >> closer to home in montgomery county an elementary school princal
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apologizing for a controversial way she let her staff let off steam. >> the issue stems from a so-called smash space. it's a trend popular on social media that -- in which people smash various items to relieve stress. >> melanie alnwick live outside of kensington parkwood elementary where that smash space was found. mel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, steve and ally son. you know, some people were disturbed by this but other people frankl told us they don't really know what the big deal is. so, back on march eighth there was a rocking chair that was broken beyond repair aren't ande principal brought it over to a loading dock area behind the school out of the sight of students and told staff essentially they could take a whack at it as a way for them to relieve stress but after someone posted about it on a school list serve that's when the controversy began. now, in an apologetic letter to parents the principal explained that they she got the idea after reading business articles about companies providing anger rooms or smash rooms as a way for employees to relieve stress. on youtube it's pretty
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see that the trend has been popularized not only on these channels but on other and social media channels as well. looking at these videos you can see how it might be distressing to imagine teachers with some kind of suppressed anger acting out in this way but parents we talked to said it was nothing like this and the whole thing has been overblown. >> i think that some people are being a little too sensitive to the thing, that the fact of the matter is that our kids come down here to an amazing principal, to an amazing staff who care and love for them every day and no one's ever been worried to send their kids here. >> reporter: now, principal barbara liess admitted perhaps she didn't really think through the idea as well as she should have saying in a letter to parents "this was a lapse in judgment and i recognize the concerns this may have raised. our staff is committed to modeling for students a productive and appropriate ways of handling stress recognizing that she says while well intended this scenario is counter to
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teach students and has noplace in a school ." the one parent i talked to said that what he learned that only one staff member took advantage that of opportunity to perhaps have a little fun tor take out his or her frustrations thon particular rocking chair and they do not believe there have been any other incidents like this. however, montgomery county public schools still saying they're taking this very seriously. they're investigating the incident and also wanting to let the school community know that they do have programs to allow any school employees ways to deal with their stress. live in kensington, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> mel, thank you. >> i was just going to admit it. i might need a smash space in my house after watching the caps game last night. >> oh, yeah. but they're still alive, right? i mean, it's okay. >> those foam bricks that you throw at the tv. >> what happens if another game is lost? is this like -- is it that big of a deal -- >> it's not over yet. >> rig
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>> here cheer up tucker-roo. i think it makes them motivated. >> let's go to the forecast. you know what else gets you motivated to get outside and play. the warm temperatures t mid 80's today. that humidity is on the rise along with our summertime temperatures. mid 80's today and believe it or not 90 or so tomorrow. 67 at reagan national, 58 dulles, 62 bwi marshall. we're going to clear it out here. a little bit of lingering cloud cover bay and east with a weak cold front that came through. looks like a leftover shower down near ocean city, that's about it. everybody else will be in on the sunshine including ocean city later today with temperatures in the mid 80's. so, enjoy a beautifulutiful a dry afternoon as well. we're not going to get any storms or showers later today. it will be nice and dry for you. weekend forecast coming right up. >> thank you tuck. >> see how the friday morning commute is going so far erin good morning. >> it's not terrible right now so that's better than bad. right now we have problems so i want to start you off with the issues
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quantico a southbound crash on 95. this is going against the typical morning rush so an atypical slow down. arrow truck and police sirens. two left lanes blocked. right lane is crawling by. you're backed up from 234 in dumfries to this point in quantico. factor in about 30 extra minutes to your commute. route one southbound is pretty opened other than usual morning volume. skyfox in laurel, beautiful view of the trees but unfortunately 197 is shut down in both directions. it's hard to make out the utility workers and trucks because of the beautiful trees there but the road is completely shut down between powder mill road and baltimore-washington parkway. you need to detour around that. let's go ahead and switch it over for a look at our maps. also keep in mind look at baltimore-washington parkway right now. both north and southbound sides completely jammed up between the beltway and 32. southbound side even heavier. coming to and from the capital beltway to the baltimore beltway i would say route one or 95 better bets so you don't get stuck in that massive slow down this morning. the outer loop there's a new crash a
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blocking the left lane. that's in the backup already, about a 20 minute slowdown 95 over to georgia avenue and another inner loop crash that we're dealing with out by 95. 270 southbound jams into clarksburg. back to you guys. >> erin thanks. let's talk more about the commute this morning as we track metro. more issues could be in store for riders today. yesterday was problems on the red line today could be lack of workers. >> fox5's annie yu is live from metro center with the latest now. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, steve and allison. well, you know, the good news is so far riders tell us it's been so far so good. there's no indication that a sickout is happening but of course, that could all change. it's still very early in the day. but you know, talks of a possible sickout have been going on all week and i want to show you some video from a board meeting yesterday that we shot where things did get pretty ugly between the union as well as metro. many of the metro workers showed up to protest and they're upset about the changes in policies and this hard line approach by management so dozens of
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workers did stage a protest there. they dropped protest petitions right in front of metro's gm paul wiedefeld as they turned their backs, they chanted the words, who moves this city? we move this city. they joined hands to form a human chain outside of metro headquarters and they're challenging this absenteeism policy which is the route of this possible sickout. this rule requires workers to file absence requests three days in advance for things like calling out sick doctors appointments to get them excused. metro says this revised policy cracks down on excessive absenteeism. met says they've been bracing for this possible sickout after they received nearly 500 sickout requests for friday today. all of those requests were denied. metro says they expect to offer full rail and bus service today. the union has repeatedly denied that a sickout is planned. now, wiedefeld says he's not taking any chances. he's asked supervisors tom pitch in wherever they can to keep things
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today t meantime this tension between metro and its workers union continues because we do know later on this morning the union has scheduled a -- a news conference to call for change in this policy so this is sort of await and see situation guys as the day progresses and of course this, you know, relationship between metro and the workers union continues. that's the very latest here from metro center. back to you in the studio. >> annie thanks. 7:12. let's get to the ice. verizon center last night caps kicked off round two of the post season with the penguins. second quarter was the forgettable one, gist 12 seconds in pittsburgh scored. 52 seconds later they would score again. caps come back to tie at two but then a third period score by nick bonino sealed the deal. caps loss add home. redskins luck working out quite well. they got in guy at 17. team drafted
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was not expected to be still on the board at that point. allen told the post mike jones i just want to prove the redskins right for picking me. nice to have the local guy here. he grew uprooting for the skins so -- >> i love that. >> welcome back homely. >> definitely invested. >> yup. >> texas teacher in trouble after staging a mock assassination of the president. inside of her classroom. details of that coming up. >> and arkansas carries out its fourth death sentence in just eight days but witnesses say something went wrong. we'll talk about it when we come back. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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there's work to be done. it's not going to be easy but there's grit inside of you. and if you need extra motivation the grad fund at strayer university can help push you forward. because up to your last year of classes could be on us. that's right. on us. today is the day. strayer university. let's get it, america. >> ♪ >> 7:15 right now. traffic is just crawling along. >> uh-huh. >> actually it's moving pretty good. >> for a friday. >> erin said it was surprisingly, you know, cooperative out there on the
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roads. >> summertime weather. maybe people are just taking -- those who can take a nice long weekend, at least a later start of it. >> that's why i love summertime. >> yes. >> the living is much easier. >> i have a traffic complaint. >> what's that. >> lately when i have been hitting the beltway about 2 o'clock in the afternoon they're doing construction in the middle of the day so the traffic is as bad as it would be. >> they have to do it then. >> would it be possible for them to do it like overnight. >> i think they do do some overnight. >> you said do do. >> let's get to the forecast. and i laughed. [laughter] >> right. >> 67 in wash. >> washington. >> low to mid 80's later today with even a little humidity. i think you'll notice the humidity. i noticed it yesterday. you'll feel it creeping up over the next several days. near 90 by saturday. all right. i have a map that doesn't want to move. weak front last night. i didn't get a shower. maybe a few of us d it's
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pushing off the shore there. you can see it out towards ocean city. that's really the only weather feature of note here. otherwise high pressure builds in. we'll be in for a beautiful friday afternoon temperatures in the low 80's. drive later today if you're going out tonight dry conditions. it will be warm tonight going to the baseball game going to the nats game tonight temperatures in the 70's at game time and here's your weekend forecast. it will be mid 80's today. and your saturday sunday forecast hot and humid tomorrow 91. sunday could be a pop-up storm temperatures in the 80's. >> oh, boy, really? pop-up storm new. >> it's beep been there are fora couple days. >> big plans for sunday. >> you don't need a pop-up storm then. hi erin good morning. >> good morning. 7:17. we have a few problem areas on the map. we'll start you off with a live look right now. this is a crash seen in the process of clearing but it looks like the left lane is still blocked with that arrow truck 95 southbound at 619. heading from dumfries into quantico you'll hit that delay about a
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route one southbound dealing with typical morning rush f95 southbound atypical slowdowns. northbound side not interpret ribble but you will hit some stop-and-go traffic across the occoquan. we'll switch to skyfox. tracking a problem in laurel all morning. utility work here's a nice close view of it. there was a downed pole and some downed wires laurel bowie road between powder mill road and bw parkway. detour around. that it's been closed for sometime now. as we look at our maps bw parkway northbound and southbound this is the worst area of the commute right now between 32 and the beltway both directions with really heavy delays surrounding powder mill road. 95 northbound and southbound better bet to and from the baltimore beltway. outer loop crash left lane blocked at new hampshire. caution there. backing up from route one over to georgia with about a 20 minute slow down. a crash on the inner loop right by bw parkway so give yourself some extra time there. 270 southbound jammed up just a bit from that 70 to clarksburg. you open up and then south of father hurley more delays so about a 35 minute slowdown from 70 down to the spur right
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66 eastbound typical slowdowns especially from 234 to 28. right now it's about a 30 minute delay as you head to the beltway. metro is on time except for safe track. back to you guys. >> a check of our top stories now it is 7:19. the state of arkansas facing some criticism over its latest execution. overnight 38-year-old kenneth williams died by lethal injection. witnesses say he was convulsing shortly after he was given the injection. he died 13 minutes after that injection was given. >> his attorneys are calling his execution "horrifying." williams was convicted in the deaths of two people in the late 1990's. arkansas set to carry out four more executions over the next three days before one of its lethal injection drugs expires at the end of next month. >> an ohio man accused of kidnapping his neighbor and keeping her in a hole behind his home is being held on $1 million bond. police say they found the woman after responding to reports of cries coming from dennis stone's backyard. police found that 30-year-old woman inside a three and a
7:20 am
she had been reported missing two hours earlier. police say that dunn has a history of mental illness and ad getting harassing phone calls from him. >> texas high school teacher in trouble after she mocked an assassination of president trump inside of her classroom. she screamed die. she posted the video of her doing this on her instagram account. secret service aware of the account. the teacher is on administrative leave. >> speaking of the president we're one day away from president trump's 100th day in that office. public approval mix. >> 45 percent of americans approve of the job he's doing. now that's down slightly from 48 percent approval rating. the president received when he first took office. to see what people in our area are thinking about howl president trump is doing in his first 100 days bob barnard is back in culpeper virginia at that same diner, right, taking the pulse of folks there in virginia. good morning. >> reporter: hey, allison and steve, yeah, good morning to you. we're on main street in culpeper virginia. we were he
7:21 am
the election. this is trump country. we came out here to find the people who elected donald trump president. we're back at the frost cafe. they just opened at 7:00 and they have a bunch of people in here having breakfast. they go quickly. we saw sean and angela on their way in and they're here and guys, thanks for sticking around for us. >> sure. >> reporter: breakfast was fast. tell me angela, 99 days of this trump presidency. your grade, your opinion so far. >> i don't feel that trump is the problem. i don't think as a culture we're giving him a chance. no other president has been on tv on blast as much as him. we're the president we need to respect that. i think it will work itself out. i think he'll be just fine. >> reporter: sean how do you think he's done so far. what do you think? >> well, i think there's a lot of road blocks coming his way but i think he's doing the best he can so with what he's got. >> reporter: you happy with the way things turned out that he's our president, it's not hillary its the trump administration. >> extremely happy with the choice. >> reporter: the morning after the election we were in
7:22 am
first couple hours and everybody was catatonic and they were like we got to get out a little bit and find the people who elected him president. and this is it, we found it here in culpeper. your neighbors, your friends your community here feel a lot like you conversations along the same lines? >> i think conversations is selective with where you're at. i'm an employee at the hospital so we don't talk politics too much but in my community we do and my neighbors are definitely supporters. we all think -- our neighbors we talk to really are supporters. >> reporter: and the same sean you at work and all that. >> absolutely, yeah. i travel all over so it's -- trump is a household name as far as i'm concerned. >> reporter: thank you guys very much. appreciate it. have a great day. happy friday to you. again we'll be here all morning long at the frost cafe, the culpeper cafe and getting a pulse of the people who helped to put donald trump in office, guys, on his 99th day in office. >> all right, bob, thank you very much.
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sweet sorrow. so it's a good thing our favorite momma giraffe is back online. >> that's right april was not gone long. you can watch her and her new baby live again on the giraffe cam. now there are some restrictions just so you're aware. it's 7:23. that was so cute. >> awww. >> ♪
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>> they've been gone for a few this. thankfully april the giraffe and her baby are
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and they're here to stay. >> animal adventure park recently announced a new schedule for the family. they will be live every tuesday from 4:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. eastern time so just one day a week but it's better than nothing. the reason is twofold. first, the park will be opened to the public for the summer season soon so april oliver and the baby, cute, april oliver and the baby will be out of their pens until 5:00 p.m. so actual zoo goers will be able to see them. >> that's right. not just the folks watching at home. >> look at her cleaning her. so amazing like they're born completely like miniature of themselves. >> ready to go. >> in the meantime you can vote on that little baby's name. here are the top 10 names to choose from so far. alyssa's choice that's the name of one of the april the zoo's handlers, alyssa's choice voting for this option. we'll let alyssa name the baby. then we have apollo this is an extremely popular name why. it combines the first two letters of april's name with
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the first two names of the dad's name. the last. lo stands for little one. each vote costs you a dollar. i'm glad the adventure park. >> you have to vote at least five times to participate. >> unity. >> that's not my pup mee pee's name. okay. so, ollie, how about ollie. that's pretty cute. >> that was the bobcat though. >> did we just do like a "wall street journal" on giraffe names. >> really guys. >> that went on for like 10 minutes. >> a lot of detail with it. >> let go on the record and say i'm not a giraffe hater like my guys right here. >> wait a minute now. that was the cutest video ever. winds out o
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we got the cold front out of here. warm and humid today. mid 80's around here later this afternoon. 91 tomorrow. hot and humid. might be a scattered storm on sunday but most of the weekend nice and dry. today will be a nice afternoon just kind of warm and humid out there. i'll wrap it up while plenty more fox news morning coming up after the break. >> ♪
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well it's a perfect nespresso morning here, george. hold on a second. mmm. ♪ ♪ [mel torme sings "comin' home baby"] hey there. want a lift? ♪ ♪ where are we going? no don't tell me. let me guess. ♪ ♪ have a nice ride. ♪ ♪ how far would you go for coffee that's a cup above? i brought you nespresso. nespresso. what else?
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♪ whirlwind so far. 99 days tomorrow marks the 100th day of the trump white house getting assessment from both sides of the aisle. joining us from
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republican congressman andy harris and democratic anthony brown both of maryland. gentlemen, good morning to both of you. i know we want to talk about your best, your worst of the first 100 days of president trump's administration so far. i want to ask you first of all, this was interesting that came out yesterday the president talking with reuters and saying essentially this job is a lot harder than i thought it was and i miss those aspects and freedoms of my former life. what is your take on that, and congressman, harris i'll start with you? >> look i'm pretty sure everyone who becomes president of the united states feels the same way. you know it's one thing to see it from the outside. another one to be on the inside. but the president is doing a great job and, obviously gotten used to the job. >> any job takes awhile to get used tom congressman brown, let me take things over to you and get your take on that comment about the first 100 days and the president's thoughts on it. >> look, when candidates are on the campaign trail for 18 months, they should get a sense if they don't already have it that this is tough work. governing is tough it's not like, you
7:32 am
estate deal, but it's balancing a lot of competing interests, and i think the failures we've seen in this administration over the first 100 days reflects the president's lack of understanding of what this work is all about. it's very disappointing. >> all right. right off the top, differing opinions as we might expect from the two of you. let's get into specifics now. congressman harris, i'll start with you. what do you think is the top accomplishment of the president's first 100 days? >> i think it's delivering on the promises he made on the campaign trail. whether it's the appointment of neil gorsuch to the supreme court, illegal immigration down 72% last month at the border, whether it's making america great again in the eyes of the world. i think it's delivering on his campaign promises. >> all right. delivering on campaign promises. congressman brown for you the number one accomplishment would be what? >> first of all i'll give you the president d minus for first 99 days the only real accomplishment that i would acknowledge was his nomination and
7:33 am
of secretary mattis at the department of defense. he's smart, he's studied, and he's been a real cautioning and calming voice i think at the department of defense within the president. he's reminded the president that the united states should not engage in torture. he's had to go to iraq and reassure our allies we're not there for oil as the president suggests but there to provide stability and he had to go to europe to reassure our european allies we're going to support nato and we're going to be there for europe notwithstanding what the president has been saying or was saying during the campaign trail. so i give him a high mark for general mattis over all d minus. >> the high mark to general mattis. let's go back to you, congressman harris. in your opinion, what's been the top set back so far? >> i think when the president gave his inaugural address he talked about wanting to unite america, wandering to -- all sides to work together. he specifically made that point. and i think it's just ki
7:34 am
shame that the president hasn't had the democrats have not reached across the aisle to work on delivering the agenda that again the president won the election on. i think that's probably a big disappointment for him. >> all right. congressman brown, same question to you. what do you feel is the top set back? you touched on few things earlier in your previous statement. what do you feel would be at the top of that list? >> yeah, it's a long list, and the president unwillingness to reach across the aisle. he doesn't have a plan to reach across with. he doesn't have a plan for health care for everybody which he promised. the president promised an infrastructure plan. we haven't seen that. which would create jobs i think both democrats and republicans are looking for an train structure plan and the president promised he'd have strategy to combat isis, and, you know, one bomb in afghanistan doesn't make to for a strategy. so dem democrats are willing tok to make government work and to work witness administration, but when there are no plans and no details, it doesn't give you much to work with. >> i
7:35 am
same question. congressman harris back to you and give you first crack at this one. the two of you are obviously in agreement there has not been reach across from one side of the aisle to the other here and work together. what does it take to get to that point knowing what we've learned in this 100 days and there has been, l have been stand offs on both sides in trying to do this. but we have big issue. we have health care. we have taxes. we have the border wall campaign promises from president trump. what will it take for both sides to work together? a specific issue or something else? >> well, look, i think that, again, the president in his inaugural address reach across the aisle. one person has to make the first move. the president did make the first move. in response he gets threats of shutting down the government from the democrat majority in the senate. if they don't do, f the president doesn't do everything that the democrats want. that's not working together. that's not compromise. it's going to have to take someone reaching out to the president. the president has reach out to the
7:36 am
i think that, you know, the effort has to be made. it hasn't been made yet. i think maybe on the infrastructure bill it will be although i suspect they'll be impass on that as well and, again, on the border wall, for instance, look majority of americans believe we should protect our southern border and yet this has become a flash point in the current negotiation. i think this is going to extend into the negotiation in october. because honestly i'm not sure we need a wall in some places but, again, the democrats have just totally opposed the president on this. i think irrationally opposed the president on this against the will of the american people. but i'm afraid that the flash points like that are going to continue until, again, both sides of the aisle reach across to each other and work together. >> congressman brown, your take on that that reciprocal effort who blinks first? >> look, the president should be demonstrating leadership but also there's a failure in the congress in terms of the republican leadership. steve, there have been so many bills that have come to the floor
7:37 am
that have rolled back protections for the environment, for consumers, health care, financial protections, work force protections yet there have been virtual follow hearings in committees, very few committee markups all of this is being done in the back room closed doors. so this rhetoric this notion about reaching across the aisle it starts by opening up the process and getting back to regular order. i think you see in an administration in today particularly a greater interest in scoring points on 100 day report card than actually making progress for the american pe people. this idea that there would be this cram down of a health care bill that would eliminate guaranteed issue and would -- and the protections we have for pre-existing conditions it would increase the costs for seniors. it would eliminate the search benefits these are examples of a did administration and leadership in congress republican leadership that's more interested in scoring points than opening up
7:38 am
regular order and reaching across the aisle. >> 99 days down. tomorrow will mark 100 days d down. almost 1400 to go. congressman brown, congressman harris appreciate talking with you. hope to talk to you again in the next 1400 days in this administration. good to talk to you. >> thank you. thank you. >> let's check in with tucker barnes and get a check of the forecast. >> warm temperatures and humidity today. we'll get lots of sunshine, temperatures in the mid 80s. let's get it to. already in the 60s. in fact wherever cooled off whole lot overnight. nice warm summer night. 67 that's how it felt at reagan national. dulles 58. 62 in baltimore bwi marshall. weak front moving through pushing off the coast. we will feature lots of sunshine today. it will be warm and it will be humid and let me mention it will be dry. you have outdoor plans this afternoon, sports after school, going out for dinner tonight you want to sit outside going to the nats game, all systems go here. 84 degrees today. we'll be falling back into the 70s tonight during the nats game. more on t
7:39 am
got roads. >> right now we are seeing big delays. it's almost like we jinged it because we said how pretty and nice and calm this friday was. right now we have a new crash. this is on gallows road as you make your way out just outside the beltway at arlington boulevard us50. big delays there. you can see they're getting ready to tow a car that spun out season facing the wrong direction. again, that's causing some slow downs northbound side of gallows road and arlington boulevard. aside from let's go ahead and move our cameras forward we do have big delays on the outer loop. we had earlier crash by new hampshire avenue. that out outer loop crash cleared. second one by university boulevard and you can see we're crawling along new hampshire avenue. i just got a tweet from someone that said erin i thought you said the roads were quiet. right after we announced that this crash popped up right now about 35 minute delay from routt georgia avenue and again two trash scenes one by new hampshire just passed this point another one at university avenue. -- university boulevard. combined the names for you. let's switch it over and take a look at our maps. we are also tracking a closure out in laur.
7:40 am
197 between bw park want and powder mill road doing utility work for downed wires. bw parkway turned into a parking lot. nightmare ride in both directions. to and from the capitol beltway to the baltimore beltway take 95, take route 1 avoid bw parkway huge delays there. metro is on time except for safetrack. we'll keep you updated on your commute. back to you guys. >> still ahead is reebok following in the step of jeans at nordstrom. retailers 425-dollar mud jeans nordstrom trend. we'll tell was reebok is doing. >> making fun at them. speaking of reebok lebron james turned down $10 million offer with the company when he was 18 years old. how could you turn down that much money as teenager. >> we'll tell you why next. ♪ ♪♪
7:41 am
7:42 am
7:43 am
♪ thanks to hershey's our summer is about to get whole lot sweeter. hershey's has just launched a limited edition line of chocolate inspired by american states. there are seven flavors inspired by the states new york, hawaii, california, texas, georgia and florida. for instance you can get a taste of new york with her she's cherry cheesecake flavored bar. taste of texas with its pay day barbecue flavored bar. >> ew. >> barbecue and chocolate. >> savory any way. >> the peanuts, right. >> i think, you know. >> barbecue peanuts i guess. >> okay. >> caramel. >> hebron james can buy them all. probably the companies too. he must have had
7:44 am
foresight or faith in his ability to be the best because it was recently revealed that when he was just teenager 18 years old he turned down $10 million offer from reebok to sign with them. >> wow. >> in exchange for not talking with night key or dee today's. he was featured on an episode of uninterrupted he was lost for words after living in the projects rent was $17 a month. turned out to be brilliant move. lebron began thinking in they were offering 10 million well what would nike or adidas be willing to offer instead? >> look at him. >> lucrative deal from the other companies. >> speaking receive bock, though, check out this latest fashion endeavor. it is a $425 sweatshirt. despite heavy price tag the shirt is sold out on reebok's website. the company says it was created by its employees. of course reebok shirt follows in order tromm's muddy jeans that coincidentally sold for the same price.
7:45 am
actually sell. i think it was a joke. i think they're saying we'll make fun of in order tromm's for selling the jeans we're give you -- if they'll do mud jane stained we'll give you pre sweat stained t shirts. that they were not available is the telling points this was joke. >> brand name is the bar cued today. we're mixing it with nords nordstrom's. it's the barracuda muddy jeans. >> kind of cute. >> that's how it starts. a gym offering members entirely new way to work out. it is called napper size. you had me at napper size. >> that's what i'm talking about. sounds like science fiction story but one doctor says he is three years away from using a frozen brain and transplanting it into donor bodies. >> hmm. >> just three years. >> hmm. >> talk about it. ♪
7:46 am
7:47 am
you've worked hard. busted tail. and impressed the boss. maybe, it's time to be your own. transform your career with strayer university's mba program today. let's get it, america. z2c56z zi0z
7:48 am
y2c56y yi0y >> 7:48. we're doing math right now it takes all three of us to do a simple equation with a calculator. >> i'm just here rooting you on. >> hey, tuck. >> give us numbers we can understand. >> let's start with rivalry weekend. >> okay. >> the mets are here against the nats. >> i'm arguing it's not much of a rivalry right now because the nats keep rolling them. >> they're crush it right now. >> they were in the teens every game in colorado. weren't they? >> i feel like they were. rivalry weekend starts tonight. want to give you the nats forecast very quickly, and about 80 degrees tonight at 7:05 for the first pitch a few clouds it there. warm and
7:49 am
tonight. dry if you're going down to the game and most of this weekend should be just fine. we got weather day coming up. queue the music! with the nationals special tickets especially priced -- >> ♪ >> is that espn. specially priced tickets go to the we give a. (teague to the local area students before the game. allison will come down and join me a great great time this year. >> what whoo! >> 64 in 67 in washington. 64 leonardtown. nice mild start to the day. daytime highs in the low to mid 80s plenty of sunshine. i think you'll even notice a little hint, it's like when you wear perfume and you have a little hint of humidity. ode humidity. >> most beautiful term for humidity i've ever heard. >> yes. just a hint of humidity out there. as our front comes through, and otherwise just a nice looking afternoon again dry con
7:50 am
tonight, and daytime highs in the 80s. near 90 tomorrow. very summery around here have not hit 90 in 2017. might do it tomorrow. getting awfully close the possibility of a pop-up storm on >> ew.d.- >> most of the weekend summertime around here. >> she does not approve. >> i didn't realize my mike was still open i was just talking to myself critiquing tucker's weather to the side. i like everything but that pop up shower. northbound gallows road a crash by u.s. 50 arlington boulevard. car facing the wrong way. they have it otto truck right now hopefully things will get back to normal. caution someone is out of their vehicle getting debris out of the way. as we forward our cameras along earlier crash we were talk are tracking 95 on the southbound side at 619, cleared out of the way all lanes open but at a crawl coming down 234 dumfries road to quantico you're still in for about 15 minute delay. northbound side much quieter right now. let's take look at our maps. earlier crash did clear on the outer loop. there were two of them one by university boulevard another by new hampshire avenue down
7:51 am
minute trip which is much improved now that all lanes have reopen. and you can see yellow across the board it's just sluggish through dale city 30 minute ride to the beltway. 395 once you cross the mixing bowl from the beltway to the 14th street bridge 20 minute ride. it will take you 38 minutes to get from 109 to the beltway on 270 southbound. fully hit that morning rush t time. not terrible at the moment. just a little slow. 197 remains closed in laurel between bw parkway and powder mill road. and nasty stretch of delay bw parkway both directions surrounding powder mill road to and from the capitol beltway and about 32. 95 much better bet. metro on time except for safetrack right now. back to you. >> erin thank you very much. if you have ever been late to work because of delays on metro, imagine if metro gave i was written excuse to give to your boss. well that's exactly what the new jersey transit system is doing for its commuters. the rail service has faced major delays in recent weeks because of on-going construction. so you get nice little excuse hand it to the boss hope for the best. >> look at the humanity
7:52 am
fitness fads come gone one fitness center in the uk offering gym goers something anyone can do nap. that's right. there's a 60 minute class called nappercise. the catch is about catching z instead of breaking a sweat. >> because i was so curious i looked into a little bit more. it's targeted at working parents who don't have time to relax and get a little mindfulness. >> amazing. >> they're stretching before and after instructors play atmospheric music, they draw up the room temperatures and you are paying for to take nap. >> it's under deep meditation under a structured environment. >> fit works they'll expand and do it in other places. >> i don't mind it. >> little bit of napping goes a long way. >> get ready to have your mind blown. there's now talk about brain transplants. yup. transplanting one brain into another person's head. that's what we're talking about. >> idea being kicked around by a controversial surgeon his name is sergio
7:53 am
his plans to carry out human head transplant. he says he's going to do it next year. new interview he says his next focus will be waking frozen brains and placing them in donor bodies. the brains will be cryogenically frozen many scientists skeptical as you might imagine about this. they believe the process could damage the brains beyond repair. >> isn't it weird when we think about things like that. >> what you're saying you have a loved one or someone who is essentially brain dead. right? >> al, i don't have details on this one. >> i mean -- it's amazing. ♪ >> if it works but it's very, yeah, like franken stein. >> very franken stein. >> good to see you a lot to get tom i'll pretty fast here. first, ellen degeneres interviewed kim kardashian a segment i put together for tucker barnes specifically. she was asked about the paris robbery and it actually got pretty emotional. here's what happened. tucker. >> i really feel like things happen in
7:54 am
things, and this was like -- [ applause ] >> yup. >> like i was, you know, it was probably no secret you've seen it on the show it was it's flash she i was definitely materialistic before not that there's anything bad with working hard to get things and i'm really proud of one around me that's successful i'm so happy my kids get this me and that this is who i'm raising my kids because i just don't care about that stuff any more. >> so before we get to this next story real quick question. do you believe her? >> yes. >> i do too. >> i mean it's live changing. >> very emotional interview. >> you've got somebody with a gun in your face i think it changes your life. >> i agree. people can be like -- >> people are cynical like to hate on the kardashians. whatever. she's a human being who had traumatic experience and perhaps she's better afterwards. >> completely agree. i genuinely thinks she means what she said moving on now one of my favorite stori i
7:55 am
time. someone deserves grandson of the have seen this 25-year-old named denver dodd posted this photo of his grandmother to read it it got over 3 million views. now, take look at that photo. who does his grandmother look like? >> totally looks likes scarlet johansson. >> my grandma looks like scarlet johansson when she was younger this photo from 1967 her name is geraldine she's now 72 years o old. and in interview with huffington post the gentleman who posted this photo said that his grandmother said "i was drunk as a skunk in that photo". >> hilarious. >> now scarlet johansson has seen this and responded and the video is amazing. watch this. >> i had to look at the photo myself. >> wow. >> holy crap. >> totally. >> i want to meet you in person. i saw that you were quote drunk as a skunk when taking that photo, and i would like to see your drunk face. i want to share a drunk face with y
7:56 am
i would like to -- i'm going to invite you to -- do you want to come to see rough night with me be my guest. um we're a bunch of partying girls so good running theme and i'll cover all your hidden co costs. [ laughter ] >> i'll see you at the bar. >> so rough night by the way is a new movie she's in. she play as partying girl but, yeah, it's amazing. >> here's the thing. >> i love when they respond. >> she gets to see what she might possibly look like when she's 73. scarlet johansson. >> that photo she's 1962. you're right when she meets her. >> exactly. >> it's interesting -- >> isn't it crazy sometimes and i know you love history if you go back and you look -- total aside. i saw a picture every old baseball players from the 1920s. if you take the style away from it like and you just look at the faces and -- >> you could put them into people today. >> totally.
7:57 am
ever. >> she looks exactly like scarlet johansson the. >> guy with you. >> that's her grandfather who just passed away that's why they were going through photos, and to get memories. they found that. oh, this is amazing. >> perfect. >> posted the photo to read it. >> great story. >> i love that story. >> thanks kev. >> thanks guys. >> hi, tuck. >> ♪ >> sometimes i just look at steve to know what i'm going to look like when i'm 72. [ laughter ] >> you wish, tuck. [ laughter ] >> wow! >> it just got real. >> that was really mean. [ laughter ] >> it's friday. >> he likes to pick on those younger than him. >> true. >> it makes him feel better. >> 68 in washington. sunny and warm and humid today temperatures in the mid 80s this afternoon. 84 today. 91 tomorrow. hot and humid tomorrow. sunday might be pop-up storm 84 degrees. all right. i'm tossing to break again. kev, you talk too much. >> so do you, tucker. >> yes, i do apparently. >> fox fuse morning all coming after the break. >> it's all love.
7:58 am
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♪ this is fox5 news morning. good friday morning i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. thanks so much for joining us this morning. >> it's 8:00 a.m., friday, apri. here's what's on the fox5 news morning menu. >> teachers blowing off steam by smashing furniture at a local school. why they might have felt relief but the
8:01 am
the heat. this morning an apology from the principal and reaction from parents. bob? >> reporter: hey, guys, we're at the frost cafe in culpeper v have a. we were here the morning after the election. we're back again and trump country getting reaction to this first 100 days. also ahead a steal for the skins. and he's a hometown kid. jonathan allen expected to go much earlier so what push him lower and should the skins be concerned. he's back home. that's all we know. >> welcome back. this is a live look outside beautiful start to the weekend. highs in the 80s today. >> that's going feel like summertime wait until tomorrow. we'll leave it at that for now. check in with tucker in just a few minutes. a minute after the hour more now thon controversial smash space in montgomery county. so it's a trend popular on social media in which people smash various items to release stress. >> principal at kensington park wood elementary apologizing for allowing staff to use the space. not everybody sees an issue with this idea.
8:02 am
school with more this morning. mel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, steve and allison. yeah. some people were disturb by this. other people said they didn't think it was any big deal. here's what happened. the principal says it was back on march 8th and there was rocking chair that was broken beyond repair and so she decided to allow people to have a little smash space fun witness apparently it was an area of the school similar to this loading dock here basically it was out of the school, away from the site of the students, but then someone posted about it on the school serve when the controversy began. now in apologetic letter to parents the principal explained she got the idea after reading business articles about companies providing anger rooms or smash rooms as way for employees to relieve stress much the trend also been popular arrived on social media. a lot of youtube videos hear about this. but if you look at these videos and you can see how it might be distressing to imagine teachers with suppressed anger actin o
8:03 am
to said, it was nothing like this, and the whole thing has been overblown. >> if they know her, which most of them do, they know there's nothing to be worried about. that it was an idea she was thinking outside the box for her staff, and maybe it was a bad idea. that's up for debate. what's not up for debate is kids come here every day, they're safe, they're cared for, because of miss lisa. >> reporter: and miss lease the barbara barbara lease put out apologetic statement in that -- she said perhaps she didn't think the idea out as well as she should v here's part of her statement saying that this was a lapse in judgment and that she recognizes the concerns this may have raised, that staff is committed to modeling for students and one another productive and appropriate ways to handle stress. recognizing that while she said well intended this scenario is counter to what we teach students and has no place in a school. now, we don't really know for sure how often
8:04 am
happened, if this was an iso isolated incident, but that parent that i talk to said that he's unthe impression it was only one staff person that took advantage of that opportunity, nonetheless, montgomery county public schools says they're taking this very seriously. that they're investigating the incident and everything surveillance sounding it, and also wanting to let the community know that they do have programs to allow teachers and staff positive ways to relieve their stress. live in kensington melanie alnwick fox5 local news. >> meantime 14-year-old girl recovering after being stabbed in a bus stop in silver spring this happened near eastern middle school. police say the suspect a 14-year-old boy fled the scene but was later arrested he's been charged as a juvenile with first degree assault. discouraging find when it comes to d.c. students attending private schools through a federally funded voucher pro program. new study reveals those students are doing worse in math compared to their peers. the study found the students scored about 7% lower in math compared to others. some good news for the program,
8:05 am
more than 70% of the students in the program ranged their school as safe and that's compared to about 50% of other students. not in the program who ranked their school as safe. ♪ 8:05 now. happening today a virginia church facing controversy over a woman breast feeding at church is expected to publicly address this issue. annie, says that she was scolded twice by people at summit church in springfield this past sunday. it happened while she tried to o daughter in a child care center at the church. now, then again during the church service. both times she says she was asked to move to a private room but she refused. in the state of virginia breast feed sag legally protected right. thanks to 2015 law that says women have the right to do so anywhere they have a legal right to be. her attorneys claim the church was unaware of this law. all right. 8:05. tuck is with us as we welcome summer while it's still april. >> yeah. it's defit
8:06 am
summery feel around here i just tweeted out the weekend for forecast. i mean plain old hot and humid tomorrow about 90 degrees and today well into the 80s. i'm looking forward to it. >> i might get tired of it qu quickly but i'm super happy& about it. >> the good news we only have june, july, august and much of september to deal with this, t too. >> sure. >> i feel better when it's warm, tuck. i cannot tell a lie. >> it's felt good. humidity it's on the rise. and you'll notice that this afternoon. but you'll also notice lots of sunshine. dry conditions and daytime highs in the low to mid 80s. it will be one of those great afternoons you can be out and take the dog for nice little walk. >> brownie deserves it today. >> have your happy hour outside this afternoon or on the back porch. barbecuing this week then kind of thing. good weekend for it. going to the nats this weekend all three games we're in pretty good shape. 68 in washington. almost 70 degrees. nice mild start to the day. weak front overnight didn't bring us any showers. brought a few showers to the eastern shore. we'll get it out of here. high pressure builds in and delivers a very
8:07 am
summery afternoon. 84 you'll notice the humidity. weekend forecast i'll have it in just a minute. >> all right. looking forward to it. erin, i don't know why it took me so long i solve the mystery of your chair. >> what is it? >> kevin. >> tall person who sits in your chair. >> that makes so much sense and then here's the problem i walk over to do the morning meme and talking about traffic i'm not paying attention i'm sitting at the kids table. >> you don't have time to adjust it. >> right. >> mystery solved. >> thank you. kevin mccarthy we'll talk later. just kidding. look at this. seeing huge problems on 270. northbound side at father hurley boulevard just beyond this point there was police activity that had all lanes blocked. we just talked to state police, assignment editor kenny thank you for that traffic is getting by but at a crawl still police presence rubberneck delay and congestion on the southbound side. 270 super flow by father hurley boulevard. take 355 if you can. otherwise get stuck in the rubberneck delay or northbound delay. as we move over to virginia right now this is a look northbound gallows road at
8:08 am
arlington boulevard. crash let me get out of the way clear to the right shoulder. traffic getting by in much better shape right now as we switch it to our maps. other issues this morning. once we hit the 7:30 half hour things really got busy out there with our maps we can show you what else you're up against this morning. southbound georgia avenue as you head out in silver spring closed with a crash at seminary place. look at that backup. huge delays there. the outer loop big red zone 29 dealing with slow downs. we had earlier crash at new hampshire avenue on the outer loop as well as university boulevard. so it's about 35 minute delay from route 1 over to the 270 spur. 270 southbound heavy it's backing up on to the in your opinion as well southbound bw parkway a new crash at 410. look at that southbound delay jammed all the way back to 193. so really nasty commute there. as you head into riverdale park this morning. give yourself extra time or take the beltway elsewhere just be prepared for those delays. 197 remains shut down in both directions laurel between bw parkway and powder mill road because of utility work from earlier pole that was down and look at bw parkway
8:09 am
directions. so slow. take 95 but factor in an extra time. two or from the baltimore beltway this morning not such a great commute he is special headed to bwi for morning flight, 95 is the way to go. as we switch it over right now you can see the 95 southbound delay however from the icc on down. again it's just turning out to be a busier morning than we once anticipated. right now still about 30 minute delay from 234 all the way to the beltway as you hit 66 eastbound metro is on time except for safetrack impacting the green and yellow rush plus lines. back to you. >> speaking of the commute we're tracking metro this morning and the question has been really for the last few days will there be a sick out today by metro workers. that's what we're monitoring after a week of back and forth claims between the union and metro management. >> fox5's annie yu is following this story for us. as she's done this week. she's live from metro center this morning with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, steve and allison. the good news is riders tell us so far so good. there's no indication at this point that there's
8:10 am
shortage of workers or something is happening a sick out. things running smoothly here at metro center across the d.c. region. but there is still a level of uncertainty of course because it's still very early in the d day. there's been talks of possible sick out happening for days now. and this is all because metro and its largest workers union they are currently locked in very bitter contract dispute. things got even uglier yesterday during a board meeting yesterday that we were at. workers upset about changes in the policies.ies. management and so dozens of workers showed up and staged this protest that you're looking at. they dropped protest petitions right in front of metro gm paul wiedefeld they turned their backs on him and chanted who moves this city, we move the city. then they went outside around metro headquarters and joined hands to form a human chain. now, workers are challenging the new absenteeism policy which is the root behind this possible sick out. the rul
8:11 am
file absence requests three days in advance for things like calling out sick, doctors appointments to get them exc excused. metro says that they have to do this to crack down on excessive absenteeism. the transit agency they have been bracing for this possibility all week. since wednesday after received nearly 500 sick day requests for friday. now all of those requests were denied. metro says they expect to offer full normal service again no issues this morning. we spoke to the union. they have repeatedly denied a sick out is planned. and you know gm paul wiedefeld says he's not taking any chances he let us know early on that he does have a plan b. he's asked supervisors to step up in case there are any issues and later this morning, around 10:30, we know that the union is getting together for a news presser to call changes to this absenteeism policy. the story doesn't end here, guys. back to you. >> annie, thank you very much. see in you little bit. 8:11. stelai head from la to ferguson and new york a look back at the rodney king riots 25 years ago this saturday.
8:12 am
already. that anniversary coming on the same day president trauma many will reach his first 100 days in office. what grade would you give the commander in chief? we take it to the voters coming up. ♪ >> how about quick look ahead to good day d.c. it should be a real beauty to today. miss d.c. usa miss maryland usa and miss virginia usa they will be here with us big day. they're getting ready to head to the big competition in vegas, but not before stopping by the loft. fans of part fie toy couldn't will want to stay tuned. we have an epic preview of the big convention happening in southern maryland this weekend plus a special day for you and your dog, your cat, your bird, you name it. how to be a better pet parent. >> just like mike thomas. >> i'm all ears. i love that picture of mike and sidney. super cute. all right. l right.
8:13 am
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it's that time and friday so it's like a great time to celebrate. >> hash tag perfect. >> summery cuteness. let's get to it. my first five photo of the day. you know it's our favorite time of the day. >> aww. >> this seven everybody. >> what's going on. >> curly top. >> yeah. what cute little smile. >> cute baby. >> love it. this is seven. that is a different name. >> um-hmm. >> parents chose his name two months into pregnancy because the original due date was july 28th but he was actually born earlyt
8:16 am
july 7th. >> okay. >> 7/7. >> it's real lucky number. everybody involved. >> yup. >> reportedly he's leading a very cool life. >> okay. >> his parents are both musicians so he's been on stage several times. >> awesome. >> show business baby. maybe he's got -- when i was his age i had the silo phone. bing bing bing bing. [ laughter ] >> anything seven does will be adorable and the crowd will go aww. >> right. >> it's a win/win. >> seven we love your picture. >> cutie pie. >> we love it. >> that's a cool hairdo. >> love your name. to send us your child's picture go oh our facebook page fox5 dc. >> look at his little smile. >> warm and humid day for us. mid 80s and sunshine. dry this afternoon going out later today going to the nats game tonight. going to go to an establishment watch the wizards win whatever you may be doing it will be fine weather wise but a warm
8:17 am
still wintertime. you know in denver just west denver talking about a big snowstorm this weekend. >> are you serious. >> yeah. >> is that typical or what's up? >> it's getting late in the season. it is pushing may but, yeah. >> okay. >> they still get wintertime out in the rockies into late spring months there you go. 34 right now in denver. >> we are going to be quiet. sunny. >> bright, beautiful. everybody left me. by guys. >> here's your seven day forecast. 84 today. 91 tomorrow. hot and humid tomorrow. might be a pop up storm by sunday but most of your weekend should be dry. so outdoor plans this weekend all systems go. make sure you take water if you're going for long bike ride. >> good advice. >> there you go. my advice of the day. >> going on road trip this weakened. >> yeah you are. >> yeah, i am. >> 8:17 right now a crash did clear mostly out of the way. this is actually on gallows road northbound as you make your way out by arlington boulevard. you can see just a little bit of traffic at the light there but much better conditions so this intersection
8:18 am
show you the 270 northbound police activity at father hurley that cleared out of the way. traffic looking much better. southbound side that's completely jammed up right now with a lot of heavy traffic as you make your way down from 70 basically to the beltway a 45 minute delay so be prepared for that one. let's switch it to our maps right now. other slow zones as we take look at our drive times. slowest zone the outer loop 95 to georgia avenue. 16 minute delay. we had two earlier crashes one by new hampshire avenue another one by university boulevard. other than that, we're yellow across the board on 95 northbound from dale city to the beltway. 25 minute ride. 395 as you cross mixing bowl from the beltway to the bridge 28 minutes. prince george's parkway to the beltway 46 minutes trip. southbound georgia avenue remains shut down at seam nary place. inner loop delays coming off the 270 spur from volume all wait over to georgia avenue and then the outer loop you can see those slow downs. southbound bw parkway crash at 410. jammed all the way back to 193. try toy avoid the southbound side of bw parkway
8:19 am
no of 95 outside the capitol beltway better bet for you than bw parkway. we'll keep update on those delays. metro is on time except for safetrack. allison and steve. want to talk sports right now because boy we have a lot to talk about. unfortunately we have to start on the ice at verizon center last night. the excitement before the puck dropped round two of the post season. caps/pennsylvania. first period hard fought. second period did not start out well. within the first minute pittsburgh netted two goals. caps would come back they tied the game at two. third period goal by nick what the game winner.. just game one out of best of seven. >> okay. >> nfl draft 2,017 happening last night as the caps game getting remote work without flipping back and forth between the two. big night in the nfl. organizations look to fulfill their future needs and find their future heroes. >> wisdom martin joins us in studio. here's over
8:20 am
story. >> yes. >> what's up wiz. >> what's happening. stay up and watch the draft. >> can i say something first. >> go ahead, steve. >> you watch last night. >> back in the day that used my seat. now it's different. >> the draft was in philadelphia. >> yeah. >> at least the first four times the commissioner went up to announce a pick the philly fans trued to form booed the commissioner. >> they expected him to get booed. >> this is part of the whole thing even when it was in new york and chicago he got booed. he's not very popular guy. >> he was with those draft picks. >> was he really though? >> did you see the bear hugs he was getting. >> they always do that, though. they turn right around boo the commissioner he turns around and fines them and it turns into this big thing. they're just excited they're about to get paid. they'll hug anybody. hail hug you, steve, mack the cameraman, chris on the floor. i digress. let me get on with the story then. >> the draft as you guys just mentioned was in philadelphia for the first time since 1961. by the way the first eve
8:21 am
draft 1936 in philadelphia. cleveland browns they didn't shock anybody. they picked texas a and m defensive miles garr as the top choice had the also not a surprise oh? good dell walked out to get the draft started and expected boo! boo! and he was like, come on bring it on. boo. whole thing thing. turned into a little bit of a tradition with the fans and the nfl draft. let's talk about the burgundy and gold. seventeenth pick. she selected alabama defensive lineman jonathan allen who went to school out of ashburn part of tha is it a tick klee great defense that played down in alabama. awesome defense there he is right there showing some moves. afterwards allen took to twitter with his picture and captioned it mon in order and didn't wait to get to work hash tag httr just got my first nfl trading card. draft continues as far as washington is concerned with the second round. washington picks in the second round with the number 49 pick. now, let's talk about some inspirational
8:22 am
night. how about utah offensive tackle garrett bowls who overcame a troubled past carrying a his baby right there was drafted by the denver broncos. took the stage carrying his little boy there's the bear hug we talk bows the little boy my gosh what is going on here right now. who is this man hugging my daddy. don't worry, son, we're about to get paid. we're about to get paid. i'll buy i was whole lot of diapers. bowls childhood inn collided drug use, jail time. he encouraged people to learn from their mistakes. there's one very special moment. another great moment ucla's mckinley selected by the at an la at a falcons carrying picture his late grandmother on stage with him. she raised him had in a crime ridden neighbrhood before her death. he promised he would be one of the few to make it out. go to divisio one school and follow his dreams to the nfl. so far he's accomplish that again the draft continues t
8:23 am
, so lots going on. lots of -- that's a live changing moment though. >> no doubt. >> yes it is. >> let me give you one more great moment from last night. >> yes. since you're wearing the color today. baltimore ravens the pick remember the young man tj who overcame cancer. >> oh yeah. >> the 14-year-old. >> from our area. >> okay. >> i believe columbia maryland perhaps. made the announcement, a nounsed the pick for the baltimore ravens and gave a little um-hmm before he read the name. >> very classy. it was awesome and the philly crowd did give him a nice ovation when roger goodell introduced that young man. >> philly crowd is not all bad. they do have some heart. >> gave me a little hope. >> i said he look like a future sports announcer any way. he's got that look. >> and he's got the voice too. we heard that last night. >> real good moments coming out of last night. >> wisdom thank you very much. >> no problem. >> concerned mother declares her ten-year-old daughter is done with homework. too much sometimes. >> says her daughter was doing three hours of homework at
8:24 am
after being in class all day. we'll take look she sent to teachers coming up. >> totally agree. ♪ . ♪♪
8:25 am
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8:26 am
>> beautiful if you like the heat today because we'll be feeling it. > love it. >> that's what professor barnes was telling us earlier. >> he's all set today? >> okay. he was feeling under the weather yesterday in caseou
8:27 am
class wasn't just -- something was wrong yesterday. >> full session of class today. time to go to weather school. ♪ >> he arrived late yesterday. >> oh. >> trying -- tardy to his own classroom. >> betty crocker, real person or figure from madison avenue. >> do you know the answer. >> or are you asking you. >> actually ooh have i to idea. >> i'm looking right now. come back to us. >> let's get to our report card for the day. sunshine, that should probably be an a. i was grading harshly earlier today. a lot of sunshine today. we'll give that an a. humidity a c. first time humidity made an appearance on my chalkboard this season. afternoon -- >> does humidity ever get an a? >> sure could it. >> if it's a lot or a little. >> little. >> yeah. >> a little. >> afternoon temperatures gets an a that will be in the 80s. i tried this yesterday. try again watching the wizards beat the hawks that's an a plus. >> yes. >> right? >> yes. >> a plus later today. overall it's friday
8:28 am
how can you give friday anything other than an a? >> yes! >> queue the professor's music. ♪ >> betty crocker is a fictional person. >> yay! >> a plus missy mower. >> well done on your assignment today. >> well done on the forecast. >> still ahead, from los angeles to ferguson to baltimore community policing a hot topic. >> well take a look back at the rodney king riots 25 years ago tomorrow. it's 8:28. ♪ ♪♪
8:29 am
♪♪ nobody knows what their future holds, but... in my future i'm 26% more likely to develop an irregular heartbeat, which raises my risk for heart failure. i have a 65% higher chance of developing diabetes. and i have a 42% chance of becoming obese. if i develop breast cancer, it's 39% more likely to kill me. i'm at higher risk for depression. i'm not likely to talk about my depression at all. and we all have a 30% chance of developing hypertension. no matter who we are, or where we're from, these diseases can be managed or prevented when caught early on.
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8:31 am
>> great look at the river in the background. traffic looking okay on the wilson bridge. not bad. >> not bad for friday. >> not bad at all. >> seeing more of alexandria over there across the river. national harbor in the for ground. pointing out all these land marks in the dmv. >> on the west coast 25 years marks 25 years of the la riots. >> over some four days some la neighborhoods burned and looting was rampant. shop owner shot. 15-year-old girl in panic the la times interviewed leaders of the lapd about how things might have been handed differently if it handled today. those leaders say instead of having overwhelmed officers retreat from the riot zone they pulled them back as what happened in '92 they now would have had strategies to
8:32 am
platoons of officers into riot zones. >> also say interaction between police and the community in la much better today than it was in 1992. just like ferguson, baltimore, new york so many other communities la has a long way to go with police community relations. documentary years and years anatomy of a riot how that grew from one dispute at one intersection to a huge part of the city. >> right. >> all part of it. amazing to watch when you see how something that can spread that quickly. >> growing threat from north korea on global scale right now. the focus of today's united nations security council meeting. it will cap off week of several discussions about north korea as president trump looks to ease tension through diplomatic measures. however, in an interview with reuters yesterday president trump warned of a quote major major conflict with north korea. the president also praising china its efforts to resolve the dispute. the president' remarks a mid new signs north korea may conduct another nuclear test tomorrow
8:33 am
office for president donald trump he's had set backs and he's had accomplishments. >> earlier we talked to lawmakers on both sides of the aisle how they feel the president is doing in office now. we want to hear from you. so we sent out bob barnard out to culpeper, virginia to so what folks there think of the president's first 100 days. bob? >> reporter: allison and steve good morning. we're back at the fast cafe. we were here the morning after the election gauging reaction. this is trump country, and back here this morning, it's a fairly full house here. we came out here because we started our morning after the election in the city and people were just shell shock. but we knew that half the country voted for donald trump so we came out here to culpeper, virginia we found them. we're back here again on the 99th day of his presidency just to talk to folks about their feelings so far of the trump administration. here is jason and if he list is the. thanks for sticking around for us guys. >> sure. >> you come here and you say hey will you be around for few and breakfast is done
8:34 am
almost leaving. appreciate you sticking around watch kind of grade do you give donald trump so far in his presidency. >> probably a b. he's got some challenges he's faced. like any other new president coming in. so hopefully he can find a way to overcome those. >> we've heard some of the farmers and small business owners in this area who are big trump supporters. >> now not so sure. >> um, i think some people's pins have probably changed since the election. he said and done some things that are pretty controversial. so i can see how people's minds would change. >> jason, how about yourself? did you vote -- are you a trump person. >> i'm a trump supporter. i believe in what he does. and i believe he's going to turn this country around. >> so far i mean are you still -- >> i believe that. he's next reagan for me. reagan was a great president and he's heading down the same track. he believes in what he believes and his work ethic is unbelievable for me. >> anything that you can point to so far that you're glad that he's accomplished in his
8:35 am
one dread days. >> not to be controversial. syria. i like what he did in syria. you can let women and children be killed off like that and he's not put up with it real well. he sent a very strong message world power again i believe so. >> you wanted to put out little message? >> yes. sarah happy birthday. >> all right. >> someone wanted to say hi to tucker. >> wanted to say hi to tucker. >> i think he forgot. >> all right, guys. no problem. >> thank you very much. >> fox5 fans here this morning, guys. that's what we'll be doing. sticking around this morning talking to folks here getting their reaction to the first 100 days of the trump administration on this the 99th day so far again this is trump country. but opinions can change. >> all right. bob, thank you very much. >> i like we went back. almost 100 days later. yes. >> tell those folks good morning as well tucker giving i was little shout out this morning. 8:35. >> ♪ >> i'm so honored. >> i was actually -- i
8:36 am
through culpeper a few week ago. i had never been there. it's beautiful. nice little downtown. >> did you stop by the frost diner. >> i will next time. >> i know that's right. reagan national 68 degrees. 66 dulles. 68 at bwi marshall. the deal with today, summertime. going to feel like summertime with the humidity and temperatures in the 80s later this afternoon there's your satellite/radar kicking light showers that we overnight off to the east of the city. the bottom line with very pleasant afternoon and nice afternoon get outside and play. 84 degrees with just little bit of humidity out there tomorrow is going to be plain old hot. quick look at the weekend forecast. maybe our first 90-degree temperature of 2017. and perhaps a pop up storm on sunday temperatures in the mid 80s. more weather momentarily. more erin right now. >> i've been really excited to tell you about this unfortunately big delays on the nice bridge you can see the traffic from virginia headed into maryland completely park right now. we have livestock reported live of loose on the bridge. no confirmation on what type of livestock we understand list
8:37 am
sheriff's department letting us know is out and about on the bridge stopping traffic completely. you can see miles of backed up traffic. tucker guesses it's chickens. we'll let you know. steve earlier said it could have been pigs we're in the sure. we'll let you know all about that but right now i'd avoid the bridge if at all possible taking a live look from our camera. as we move things over from that interesting story for the morning, we're just seeing slow zones on gw parkway from 123 to the key bridge. 197 remains shut down in laurel between bw parkway and powder mill road. baltimore washington parkway jammed up between the beltway and 32. soul side a crash that cleared out by 410 thing getting back to normal. outer loop jams with about 30 minute delay from 95 over to about the 270 spur. inner loop heavy and then 66 still holding steady from ga gainsville into fairfax with about 45 minute delay. metro on time right now except for safetrack impacting the green and yellow rush plus. that's your traffic. question, parents, homework for
8:38 am
overwhelming? >> yes. >> not talking about high schoolers. weaver talking about a ten-year-old. >> mom says enough is enough. wait until you hear what she wrote to the school. we'll have it for you next. ♪ ♪♪
8:39 am
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8:41 am
mccarthy. 8:40. author ho writes about parenting penn agnew type of work now going viral. her daughter is quote done with homework. done. long facebook post explains her reasoning saying in part her ten year old daughter is in school five days week for eight hours. doesn't think it's right that on top of that she gets another two to three hours of homework to do every night. >> she goes on to ask "is my family time not important? is time spent just being a child relaxing at home not important? or should she become some kind of junior workaholic at ten years old". >> she also argues that in the country of finland homework is banned but still they have the highest rate of college bound students in europe. she also believes children need time to relax tox play enjoy their childhood and adds her daughter does plenty of reading and research on things that interest her on her own time. she says her daughter will no longer complete any homework assignments and if her daughter gets punished for that she's willing to home school her. >> which is what she might end up doing sch
8:42 am
and -- >> yeah. >> unless you can convince them to change the system you have to go along with it for now. >> let me tell you something. >> i know a lot. >> i do agree. at an elementary school level, there should be a time and if you, you know, just show that you worked on the homework or whatever, that's my opinion that work should be done in class. >> kids need to have time. not to be so stressed out. >> you don't want to start -- if you stress that young, that early -- >> oh yeah. >> it's only going to build more and more. >> of course. >> okay. you heard kevin in the background. still ahead kevin has entertainment news. >> i apologize. i didn't know we were back on the air yet. the new found glory cd is out and i was telling steve because i was very excited i reviewed the circle stars tom hanks and emma watson and also talk about the new show -- not new show netflix black mirror and how it compares to the circle and also national super hero day. fine out what actor has kicked off the celebration in a big way. stay tuned to fox5 news morning. we're looking for something that's comfortable but yet durable, and that's going to last us a really long time.
8:43 am
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>> welcome back everybody. look at the beautiful trees around the white house, right? >> it is 8:45 right now. gorgeous. trees are something you sort of take for granted but but not today. >> not today. did it's all about the trees we're talking about it's arbor day. to celebrate d.c. department of transportation urban forestry division will plant trees along the east capitol street cor corridor. about 70 trees will be planned beginning at
8:46 am
trees throughout the city. did you know that? >> ddot maintained the trees throughout the city. >> i did not. i love they're planting more. >> um-hmm. >> always a good thing. i know tucker is a big plan, too we'll get this take in just ten seconds. >> i think one of the features we have is the trees. go to other cities it don't see all the trees. >> it's rivalry weekend mets and nationals. i've been arguing all day hasn't been much of a rivalry lately. the nationals have been rolling them. going to the game tonight. 80 degrees at first pitch few clouds warm and humid great weekend for baseball but very summery rhee weekend for baseball. today, tomorrow and sunday featuring a lot of summertime temperatures we got weather day coming
8:47 am
specially -- thank you so much. >> ♪ >> specially priced tickets if you want to come out we'll give a presentation in the morning hours before the game at 1:05 against the diamondbacks. for more information go to the i will be there. allison will be there. we'll get steve there later. maybe even kevin, too. >> yeah! >> do meet and greet with everybody after the presentation 68 in washington. 70 in annapolis. 70 in leonardtown warming up pretty quick here. didn't cool off a whole lot over night. daytime highs in the mid 80s. so again very summery. not only later this afternoon but tonight and tomorrow. tomorrow near 90 degrees. you can see we've got clear skies overhead at this hour. all right. weak cold front came through early this morning off the coast now. high pressure builds in, and we're just doing warm temperatures 80 today's. near 90 tomorrow. have not done 90 yet in 22017. but i think we got a good chance tomorrow if we get enough sunshine maybe a pop up storm su
8:48 am
we'll keep it summery into early next week little bit of a cool down by the middle of next week. but you know around here we liked to one week of spring and right into summer. it will feel like it this weakened. >> i feel like last week we had the two days should have embraced a little bit more. >> oh well. >> hindsight is 20/20. bring on the heat. >> 8:48. kev is with us. good morning. >> as much as i want to be there for weather day i'm going to be out of the country next week. >> really? >> hey.& no, no new york city. >> reason you fancy. >> i'll be working every single day. >> where will you be. >> in monaco. >> that's secret i'll play with game witness audience and give ideas where i'm going to be. >> that means some where amazing. >> i'll be in two places. i'm excited. but it's for movie called alien covenant and murder on the -- >> space. >> i'm going to space. >> to the moon. >> i'm going at the moon for an interview. i'm interview sir ridley scott on the moon. so maze. i can't wait. >> okay. >> don't tell my wife. any ways, the new movie the circle came out today, and this is a film that was not scree
8:49 am
washington, d.c. area. >> publicized a lot, was it. >> oddly enough the trailers were all saying anticipated by all these outlets. nobody saw it. and they screened it for certain outlets across the country so there are some reviews online. i'm not sure how they chose. >> i wouldn't when they know that it's so bad that they don't want to release it to critics. >> great question. going into the movie theater last i'm wondering how could this possibly go wrong? great cast. you have tom hanks, emma watson, john, karen guillen, pat oswald. local from d.c. great director. great concept. the idea here is that emma watson becomes a new employee at a company called the circle which tom hanks is the head of and the whole idea this movie the commentary our our lives are completely over shared and we have no privacy everything is on social media so it's a cool idea. i mean this is something that could work on paper, right? obviously. the problem with the film was the script is absolutely ho
8:50 am
it plays out like a very choppy very very amateur effect type movie it doesn't feel like it's been put together well. you have these amazing performers. hangs is great in the movie, and so is karen guillen emma watson again was not right for this role. i love her being a wallflower, in harry potter films, in the bling ring. i didn't think she was right for bell in beauty and the beast. i don't think she was right for this character as well. she was very wooden. it poses a lot of questions which allison and i were discussing earlier, about this idea of over sharing. our business, we -- they want to us talk about, you know, what we're doing and we're sharing and twitter and facebook. but the problem is, the dangers of that and we're getting to this show called the black mirror on netflix which is has been covering this topic for couple years now. >> right. >> this show is phenomenal and to me if you want this type of concept, watch this show instead of watching the
8:51 am
i gave the circle a 1.5 out of five. this show which is on netflix has all of the -- basically all the same concepts but done over episodes. it's much better. it's a phenomenal show. all i will tell you, episode one of 2000 -- season one call the national anthem. >> maybe skip that one. >> don't watch that one first, kev. >> let me say it's one of the most disturbing episodes you'll ever see in your life. it's the first one i watch. if you can get passed that one, then -- >> don't watch that one first. >> you can handle the rest. >> watch that one first. it's awesome. no kids kids though. only adults. >> 60 skip the circle. go to netflix watch black mirror. there's three seasons, two or three episodes per season. i have three left in season four. i want to geoff credit to to my wife. she look at me and said this is a bad episode of black mirror. >> right. >> what's the most episode
8:52 am
taking a break? >> i've probably seen -- i prob probably watched five back to back episodes of 13 reasons why unfortunately. but yeah. i did watch that back to back. >> why did you say unfortunately. >> i thought the ending was too brutal. i couldn't handle it. it scarred me. i didn't -- i thought it was too much. all right. so, yeah. any ways. moving on, the a lot of films you can also see la la land on blu-ray if you want to check that one out. that came out on tuesday. i know that tucker bought like 27 copies of it. i'm not sure why 27 but he's excited about that. logan is still in theaters. do recommend seeing this i love this movie very much. my second five out of five of the year and also get out still in theaters as well that's also a five out of five. so those are the two unless you can still see in theaters i recommend watching black mirror. black mirror what you shall definitely watch. >> all right. >> you'll notice some of the stars cross, you know, pollinating if you will like the star of get out. >> he's in the second episode of black mirror on the show. unfortunately the cire
8:53 am
of those movies where how do you go wrong? this director he did those spectacular now. the composer one of the greatest composers of all time. you have an amazing writer dave edgar. today national super hero today there's a person kicking this off, henry calf. he said fly your colors today brothers and sisters it's national super hero day. personally, i just want to thank all of you guys and gals for keeping us so entertained and setting fantastic example for super fans young and old around the world. >> he's in the universe he tag outside of it as well. chris pratt who's in the marvel universe. reynolds in the different marvel universe. x-men universe. chris hemsworth who's thor. ben affleck batman. robert downey jr. i'm hoping they come around and do something fun,
8:54 am
is he wearing the actual costume under that sweatshirt. >> it's possible. >> because it looks like the legit superman costume. >> yeah. >> why is he running in it? >> maybe it's just a little -- maybe it's a little wing wing. maybe it's really not. it look like it. >> this is not spoiler now at the end of batman versus superman he died. that's what happened at the end of batman versus superman. >> what? >> this this old news. he's going to come back for justice league. maybe that's a little teaser. >> thanks so much, kev. >> send us your favorite super hero. we'll share it on the air. #gooddaydc. >> thanks, kev. >> don't see the circle. >> let's check in now with holly and maureen to see what's coming up on good day d.c. hi, ladies. >> besides your favorite super heroes of course. >> holly and maureen we could be your favorite super heroes. good day d.c. is of course all over the big local stories including why one principal is now apologizing for how she let her staff blow off steam. >> also on good day 20 years since ellen made tv history co
8:55 am
sitcom. we're looking back at the impact and how it changed pop culture at 9:15. >> next two hours of good day pet parents we want towsend us your pictures much it is national pet parents day. don't forget make sure you use the #gooddaydc, and you can see you and your cutie on the show. >> also ahead get ready dmv for one spectacular good day guest list. miss dcusa, miss maryland usa and miss virginia usa they are all here with us. they're getting ready to head to the big competition in vegas. but not before stopping by the loft. spartacan you'll want to stay tune, too. epic preview of the big spar at a toy can convention happening in southern maryland this weekend. >> hottest video game around and of course the bros, yeah, the bros have it first. we're talking steve, wisdom and tucker. they'll be playing it before everyone else at 10a. your top rated good day d.c. just about two minutes away. >> the bros. >> i know right. >> kev will school us on that. >> we all like
8:56 am
>> exactly. >> playing mario cart today. >> mario cart eight. >> this guy. >> we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ >> our facebook fan of the day. hello kylie. >> hey. >> she was nominate beside her mom jessica. she asked her to make her baby girl fan of the day. she's initial al teenager now. today is her 13th birthday. >> yay! >> happy birthday! >> hope you have a great day. >> yes. >> today
8:57 am
hey, tuck. >> we'll go with very warm today and hot tomorrow. how about that? >> 80 is hot for this time of year. >> steve, okay, you're right. 70 at reagan national. i don't want to fight with you today. 71 at dulles. 72bwi marshall. clear skies and, yes, hot today, hot tomorrow. mid 80s you'll notice that humidity. should be dry afternoon for kylie's birthday. should be dry evening as well. and quick look at the seven day. none hot and humid tomorrow. that will be our first 90 of 2017 if we get there. sunday could be pop up storm we keep it summery around here nearly next week little cooler bite middle o next week. erin? >> all right. right now 8:57. nice bridge moving once again. loose livestock back to normal there in both directions. taking a look at our maps we do have medical emergency at tacoma so metro delays. watch for that the rest of your commute right now a bit slow on 395 northbound. questions erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. keep it to fox5. good day at 9a coming right up. ♪ ♪
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
♪ straight ahead major conflict with north korea. president trump with ominous words as he turn the page on 100 days in office. plus why he says he thought the job would be easier and how you rank his performance as he marks the milestone. all week metro has been bracing for a possible sick out. so will it be a mess today? i'm an ye crew and i'll have the


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